• Get Film to DVD Transfer Insurance - Digital Backup Tape

    Film to digital transfer is a really magical process. We can take technology that predates WWII and convert it to the latest technology of today. When you bring your old film reels to a digital transfer lab, request a digital backup tape, in addition to the DVD.

    Q. What is the benefit of a digital backup tape?

    We know that converting 8mm film to DVD is often a big investment, both for you and for the transfer lab. It can be costly since a lot of cleaning, splicing prepping and reconditioning care and attention goes into the transfer of each reel. Old film needs to be cleaned and reconditioned by hand before transfer, and repairs often need to be made. The transfer of a large film collection can cost hundreds of dollars, and many companies send you home with just a single DVD. What happens if your DVD is lost, scratched or snaps? That's where the digital tape comes in to insure your investment. Reputable film transfer labs will give you a digital tape of the raw footage that was on your film. If anything happens to your DVD, you can take that tape to any video duplication lab and get a new DVD at a very small fraction of what it would cost you to convert your entire film collection to DVD all over again..

    Q. What are the other benefits of creating an extra digital tape of your 8mm film apart from saving money?

    Protecting the investment you made converting your 8mm film to DVD is important, but it's not the only practical reason for requesting a digital tape in addition to a DVD. If, in the future, you want to edit the video footage on your computer or upgrade to Blu-ray (or whatever technology is next!) your full-resolution DV (stands for mini Digital Video) tape will be the way to get there. The miniDV tape we give you is uncompressed digital footage, while a DVD is compressed. To give an example of what I mean, a full-resolution hour of video takes up 13 gigabytes of space on an external hard drive compared to only 2 gigabytes of space on a DVD disc. That gives you an idea of the level of compression: 6 to 1. The compressed video files on a DVD disc are great for viewing, but to edit, most professionals would insist on the full-resolution files.

    Q. How should I store my backup tapes?

    Like any other media, you should store your digital tapes in a cool, dry, safe place. Some even put them in the family safety deposit box. Others keep them in a box in a first floor closet (which is usually safer than a blazing hot attic or a damp basement). It is best to store them vertically, the way you would store books on a bookshelf. If you lay your tapes flat, one edge of the tape ribbon will bear more pressure than the other edge. Over time, that imbalance can affect the playback quality.

    Q. Is it possible to play or watch a backup tape?

    If you have the equipment to watch miniDV tapes, you can watch your backup tape like any other. Professionals have miniDV walkman for viewing tapes, and many people still have camcorders that can record and play back miniDVs. Our suggestion is that you limit how often you watch the tape. MiniDVs tend to be safer and more reliable than VHS or Video8 tapes, but watching any tape over and over again can degrade the quality of the images.

    Not all film to DVD transfer lab provide a backup digital tape for you. Check that you are working with a reputable transfer lab that understands the benefits of a digital backup tape as extra insurance for your investment.

    If your 8mm film transfer lab does not give you a backup digital tape, it is good practice to make your own full film izle backup copy of the DVD. The DVD files will be compressed and not full resolution like the digital backup tape, but it's still something.

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